Cutera 3D Skin Rejuvenation in Texas

Award-Winning 3-Tiered Technology for Amazing Skin


Want a more healthy and youthful appearance? Cutera 3D skin rejuvenation is your best bet.

Now you can dramatically improve signs of aging with cutting-edge Cutera 3D Revitalize skin rejuvenation at Fab Med Spa.

Cutera’s innovative system targets “The 3 T’s” Tone, Texture, and Tightness in multiple layers of the skin on the face and body by combining state-of-the art Limelight (IPL), Laser Genesis, and Titan procedures for optimal results without the need for anesthetic and NO downtime.

When you need a simple way to make your skin look its best, Cutera 3D skin rejuvenation from us here at Fab Med Spa will help you love what you see in the mirror every day.


Tier 1: Tone (Skin’s Surface)

Treat hyperpigmentation, redness, uneven complexion, freckles, sun damage, age spots, rosacea, and superficial veins

The Limelight (IPL) “photofacial” treatment is a light-based cooling and comfortable procedure that addresses an array of pigment and vascular problem areas right at the skin’s surface.

Tier 2: Texture (Papillary Dermis)

Treat fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, scars, acne and redness

The Laser Genesis treatment is a restorative procedure that targets the papillary/upper dermis with heat energy to stimulate natural collagen re-growth and improve texture

Tier 3: Tightness (Dermis)

Improve elasticity and tone

Titan skin tightening heats tissue deep in the dermis with infrared light to stimulate new collagen formation and improve elasticity and skin tone.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the ideal candidate for 3D skin rejuvenation?

Men and women who wish to improve appearance, health, and wellness of their skin

What areas can be treated?

The face and neck are the most commonly treated areas but Cutera 3D is also effective for hands, arms, abdomen and more.

What can I expect during the procedure and will I experience pain?

Limelight – pulses of light are delivered and you may feel a mild brief pinching sensation

Laser Genesis – gentle and soothing series of warm pulses

Titan – cool pulses then brief heating sensation followed by a cool feeling

How long will it take and how many treatments will I need?

Each client will have a customized regimen for their needs but most patients can expect between 2-6 treatments spaced between 2-4 weeks. Each step in the process should take between 30 to 90 minutes, depending on which area is being treated.

What is the recovery like?

Patients should be able to return to normal activities within the same day of treatment.  However, in some instances, redness or swelling may need more time to resolve.

How long does it take to see results and how long will my results last?

Some patients see immediate results but more typically results are seen within 2-4 weeks and continued improvements seen over several months. Results can be long-lasting with a routine skin care treatment determined by Dr. Jones and Fab Med Spa staff.

Why 3d Skin rejuvenation vs. other laser treatments?

Most lasers can only treat one or two problem areas at a time, whereas, 3D Revitalize is effective for overall skin transformation.

Are there any side effects or risks?

While it is considered extremely safe and effective you may experience some redness or minimal swelling at the treatment site which should resolve within a few hours.

How much will Cutera 3D cost?

Prices will vary depending on a clients customized treatment plan.  Payment options are cash, all major credit cards, and financing through CareCredit.

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