Men Love Fab, Too!

Men Love Fab, Too!

While the Zoolander movies are known as a parody of the fashion world, Ben Stiller’s real-life ability to retain his youthful looks for the Zoolander sequel 15 years later is no laughing matter! 

Which Fab Med Spa service does Ben claim to be his secret to AntiAging? He is quoted as saying


“I’m all about the vampire facial – you know, the one where the blood is all over your face!”


Women aren’t the only ones that want to retain their youth and fitness just like Vampire Facials aren’t the only service we provide to men (though we are a licensed Vampire Facial provider, we should mention).

Fab Med Spa specializes in service offerings to meet men’s unique needs. Whether you have concerns about thinning hair, sun spots, love handles, unwanted back hair etc. Fab Med Spa will provide you with a free expert consultation and individually designed treatment plan to have you looking and feeling your best.

Join our growing list of loyal male customers and show the world why “Men Love Fab, Too!”




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